multidisciplinary artist (&) filmmaker.

Ghislan Timm (Jiz-lan/Jess-lin) (they/she) is a multidisciplinary artist and filmmaker based in Tkaronto. They are currently completing their studies in Integrated Media at OCAD University and certificate of Design for Arts and Entertainment at The Chang School for Continuing Education through the Toronto Metropolitan University. Having exhibited and screened works both locally and internationally, Ghislan is an alumni of Black Women Film! Canada Leadership Program of 2019 and a member of the Board of Directors for the the8fest Small-Gauge Film Festival.

In their artistic practice, they are influenced by their Afro-Caribbean heritage, Afro-futurism, sound, and cinema. Frequently they appropriate found film & imagery to create collages and shape non-linear narratives that often reflect the intersections of their multicultural queer identity in unraveling the mythologies and romanticization of home and home-coming.


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